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Dvd And Vhs Recorder With 1080p Upconversion

dvd and vhs recorder with 1080p upconversion


Dvd And Vhs Recorder With 1080p Upconversion --




























































Convert Any Video Tape (VHS) To DVD Works with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP(64-Bit Support) Easy-To-Use "Step-By-Step"Software Functionality Edit Your Transferred Video To RemoveCommercials & Unwanted Sections Burn Your Transferred Video(Or Existing Video Files) To DVD Direct2DVD™ Feature - Transfer YourVideo Tapes Directly To DVD FREE! Video Capture Device & VideoTransfer Cable Included ($49.99 Value) . You can always watch your transferred video on your computer, so this step is also optional. If you happen to have a slightly older computer, just use the normal 3 steps to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD. I'm a nurse and am transferring many things so our nursing home residents have more quality, inspiring companionship. "I ordered my VHS2DVD Wizard less than a week ago. You have a 100 % loyalty here from us." Michael Glassman . After catching up on things I installed your software yesterday and it worked fine on my desktop. Thank You!" Dick Loeffler Huntsville, UT . Have a great day!" Dave Dempsey Concord, NH .


This is really neat seeing my old movies transferring to the computer. BONUS! Video Capture Device & Video Transfer Cable With your purchase of the VHS2DVD Wizard™ software, you'll also receive a video capture device as well as a video transfer cable. You definitely have a winner of this process, Wish I had know of your program years ago. If I can ever help you in any way, please let me know. Introducing VHS2DVD Wizard™Video Tape Converter Software Transfer Video Tapes To Your Computer The VHS2DVD Wizard™ software is split up into three easy steps.


Saves a ton of space and the VHS tapes that stick,break,jam or whatever and losing what I needed for my daughter marriage and birthday meetings. :-) Thank you for replying." Vicki Cammack Deer Park, TX . Convert Video Tapes Using Direct2DVD™! The software also comes with a feature called Direct2DVD™ that can save you lots of time and makes it easier than ever to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD. "VHS2DVD Wizard has worked wonders and once I got it going, it is very easy to use. I'll let my colleagues know nationwide." Lani Howarth . I have yet to edit and burn them to DVD, so you might hear from me again.

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